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The highly popular Leopard E has spawned off a sibling, for the diehard dump bucket fans, enter the Leopard B. Having such a successful base in which to build upon we were able to put into play some new ideas and offer some new options to complement our product even further.Maintaining JN & R machinery low maintenance, we have investigated areas that our machines can improve on and areas where our machines can widen the gap between our competitors.

The Leopard B brings a newly optioned TVL/dual lift for those who are worried about the low hanging version that is standard.  Majority of the components are inter-changeable between both versions of Leopard.

The all new dumping/tipping bucket design adds to the rigidity of the machine. The capacity between the two is almost identical. If you can’t get your head around the Ejector and just like to stick with what you are used to then value for money you will not find a machine on the market that is as optioned as this for what is ultra competitive compared to the rest!

LEOPARD SPECIFICATIONSLeopard B10.0Leopard B10.8Leopard B12.0Leopard B13.0Leopard B14.0
Tractor Horsepower (Max)280Hp300Hp375Hp375Hp400Hp
Struck Capacity6.0m³6.50m³7.4m³8.10m³8.80m³
Heaped Capacity9.0m³9.50m³10.4m³11.90m³12.80m³
Machine Dimension 7.65m (L) x
3.29m (W) x
2.46m (H)
7.65m (L) x
3.49m (W) x
2.46m (H)
7.65m (L) x
3.89m (W) x
2.46m (H)
7.65m (L) x
4.19m (W) x
2.46m (H)
7.65m (L) x
4.49m (W) x
2.46m (H)
Cutting Width3000mm3200mm3600mm3900mm4200mm
Overall Width3290mm3490mm3890mm4190mm4490mm
Overall Length7650mm7650mm7650mm7650mm7650mm
Apron Opening898mm898mm898mm898mm898mm
Maximum Cutting Depth200mm200mm200mm200mm200mm
Cutting Edge Clearance411mm411mm411mm411mm411mm
Clearance Under Rear372mm372mm372mm372mm372mm
X-Level (L/R)150mm150mm150mm150mm150mm
Shipping Weight (Estimated)7250Kg7744Kg8712Kg9438Kg10164Kg
Weight At Drawbar (Estimated)2175Kg2323Kg2613Kg2831Kg3049Kg
Weight At Wheels (Estimated)TBCTBCTBCTBCTBC
Floating AxleStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Tyres17.5 x 25 EM17.5 x 25 EM17.5 x 25 EM17.5 x 25 EM17.5 x 25 EM
Cutting EdgeSingle, Dual HolesSingle, Dual HolesSingle, Dual HolesSingle, Dual HolesSingle, Dual Holes

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