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The JNR HDB Series 2nd Generation is improved again and offers more for what is a very versatile machine, which excels in all areas.  From carting bulk loads to laser fine finishing, this machine has what it takes. Building on all the attributes of the model it has replaced, the HDB series 2nd Generation is built to the standards of a heavy industrial design.
Features include:

HDB SpecsHDB3200HDB3600HDB3900HDB4200
Tractor Horsepower300HP+350HP+375HP+400HP+
Struck Capacity8m³9m³10m³11m³
Heaped Capacity12m³13m³14m³15m³
Cutting Width3200mm3600mm3900mm4200mm
Overall Width3500mm3900mm4200mm4500mm
Overall Length (w/t Rippers)8917mm8917mm8917mm8917mm
Apron Opening898mm898mm898mm898mm
Maximum Cutting Depth125mm125mm125mm125mm
Cutting Edge Clearance435mm435mm435mm435mm
Clearance Under Rear360mm360mm360mm360mm
Shipping Weight10,088kg11,350kg12,330kg13,200kg
Floating AxleStandardStandardStandardStandard
Cross LevelStandardStandardStandardStandard
Tyres20.5 x 2520.5 x 2520.5 x 2520.5 x 25
Cushion RideOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
JNR Ball & CupOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

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